Practical information on essential oils

What is an essential oil?

Currently, at least in the so-called developed countries, there is a renewed interest in everything natural. The harmful effects of the whole chemical, i.e., designed from formulas developed in the laboratory, are becoming more and more obvious. This has led to a renewed interest in the natural world.

Essential oil

In this context, in the West, we have always known the use of plants through phytotherapy.

The organic essential oils (ici) are distinguished by their high concentration of active ingredients. In some countries, such as China or India, they have been used for thousands of years. They have proven their worth. Experienced users know that, in many cases, essential oils are remarkably effective.

What are essential oils

An essential oil is a very concentrated and extremely powerful extract of an element of Nature. These may be plants or trees.

Depending on the case, different parts of the vegetation are used. Leaves, seeds, roots, barks, flowers can be used.

Nature is very rich. Thus, often, the same species of vegetation is divided into many varieties. As a result, the properties of the extracted essential oils can be very different depending on the variety used. It is therefore necessary to have a good knowledge of essential oils to prescribe (or advise) them. Many books written by experienced professionals are currently available. They are an invaluable help for the neoephetes.

Essential oils of good quality and at the right dosage

The development of quality essential oils requires that many criteria be taken into account. The plant must be precisely identified, as must its country of origin. The cultivation method, the part used, the extraction method, and finally the chemical constituents present which are particularly important for optimal use.

By their action in the field, essential oils can powerfully revitalize the body. If used incorrectly and/or with the wrong dosage, they can cause damage.

Hazardous prescriptions have no place when it comes to essential oils. On the contrary, it is necessary, on the contrary, to have a detailed knowledge of what needs to be done, especially in terms of the dosages that are done with gout. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the product.

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