Practical information on essential oils

Can we use an organic essential oil during pregnancy?

Essential oils

There are many recent ideas on the use of essential oils during pregnancy. In other words, it is possible to use essential oils when expecting a child. However, it is important to know which oils can be used and how to use them. The essential oils bio are very widespread today. It is therefore worth considering whether they can be used in pregnant women and which ones can be used.

Why use an organic essential oil?

The organic essential oils are extracted from plants from organic farming. They were therefore grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As these chemicals can be found in the extracted essential oils, choosing an organic oil eliminates the threat of these harmful products. The pregnant woman who must therefore be all the more careful with her body will therefore be able to choose to use an organic essential oil for the well-being of her child. Thus, there is no risk that chemicals in pesticides will affect the fetus.

Which organic essential oils to use?

While essential oils are often beneficial, they all contain active chemical molecules that can have consequences for the unborn child. This is the case for sides. Side effects are substances that can become neurotoxic to the fetus. These molecules in too large a quantity in the pregnant woman’s body can therefore cause complications during pregnancy and even miscarriages. For this reason, it is often recommended not to use essential oils containing ketones or any oral oils during pregnancy. Organic essential oils recognized as harmless are, on the other hand, authorized for pregnant women. Thus, it is possible to use essential oils of lemon and lavender against nausea and to relax. In all, there are about thirty essential oils that pregnant women can use without contraindications.

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